Technical FAQs

Do I need to have access to a computer to attend?

Yes. Gary Digital Academy (GDA) will loan a laptop computer to support the learning process. The computer must be dedicated for schooling and is K12 instructional property which must be returned when the student leaves the school. K12 will arrange for technical support and troubleshooting for these computer systems. Each family will need to secure their own internet service provider. In certain cases, based on financial need or other circumstances, GDA may provide a stipend to offset the cost of the internet service. This determination will take place during the enrollment process.

What computer skills are required?

The Learning Coach needs to have at least basic computer skills. Use of the computer is an important part of the online school program, but in the early grades, it is mostly the parent (or other responsible adult) who interacts with the computer. High school students are most successful if they have basic computer skills.

What does the computer system provided by GDA include?

Computers provided by GDA meet the required specifications for our Online School Platform listed at